There’s an old adage about new gardens, first year sleeps, second year creeps &  third year leaps.Smart Gardening admires the wisdom in that. It applies to gardening television shows as well! Smart Gardening Season Three celebrates new friendships and 104 new stories for gardeners presented in high definition on your local public television station. We’ll be introducing you to gardens and gardeners across the country.  This season we travel to Europe for Holland at tulip time and an in depth look at the plants and the garden heritage of the South of France. Check your local PBS station for dates and times.

Season 3 is here

The French are almost as famous for their gardens as they are for their food! During our travels to Southern France, we meet up with an American author who’s cooking up some fun.


Introducing Dr. Allan Armitage

Smart Gardening is excited and happy to introduce Dr. Allan Armitage to our viewers. Allan, a natural teacher, uses common sense and simple demonstrations to make the science of gardening understandable and fun!


Speaking of Trees

I grew up under trees…all the Jones Creek kids climbed a gigantic mulberry in our neighbor’s yard…its big old branches were easily imagined as a desk and chair if we were playing office or a dining table if we were playing house….it also was a great snack bar in July! But it was under our weeping willows that I had my best times as a child, my sisters and I each had a tree of our own…branches touching the ground making separate rooms…a perfect playhouse for any little girl and a definition of comfort, security and peace for me to this day.

Meet the people who keep us Smart

Dee Dixon has been admiring life’s little miracles since her grandmother dipped her 4 year-old thumb in green food coloring, gave her a lily bulb and told her, “ plant it anywhere darling, it will be beautiful.” And it was….a simple life lesson in the importance of love, inspiration and encouragement between adults and children.

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