Season 3 of Smart Gardening is here.

Season 3 of Smart Gardening is off and running…and sofa gardeners have so much to look forward to this season!  It was a huge thrill for me to travel to Holland and France with the SG-TV film crew this past spring to dig up stories that inspire and delight the home gardener!  Bulb flowers are the eye candy of every garden, and there’s no better place to learn exciting new ways to use them in the landscape than the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  This Western European country, the classic home of Rembrandt, windmills and tulips, controls a whopping 93 percent of the world trade in flower bulbs!  We take you to the Keukenhoff , an 80-acre showcase of the best and most beautiful flowers in all of the Netherlands.  On Smart Gardening you’ll see why its one of the most photographed places in the world.  We’ll also talk to the garden designer who dreams up many of the breathtaking flower displays found there.  And we’re not just talking tulips!  At the Keukenhoff, gorgeous ovals share the garden stage with hyacinth, iris, narcissus, crocus, allium and fritallaria.    You won’t believe how easy it is to replicate some of the more striking tulip displays we discovered here!   This season, we’ll also take you inside four spectacular Dutch gardens discovered by the International Bulb Center of Holland.  Come along as we reveal the secrets to success of these lovely, classical and often whimsical Dutch gardens.   It’s advice to grow by, no matter where you live in the world!

The French are almost as famous for their gardens as they are for their food! During our travels to Southern France, we meet up with an American author who’s cooking up some fun.

Kate Hill  shares her simply magical garden with us, cooks for us and tells us how to set up our very own “potager” garden or kitchen garden.  If you love to cook with the bounty from your garden, watch Smart Gardening for a little inspiration from France!   We’ll also introduce you to the couple from Lectoure, France who discovered a once lost method of textile dyeing using a little plant called Woad.  This green plant creates the most beautiful blue pigment.  But how did they do it?   Guess you’ll just have to watch to find out!  In addition to our international trips this season, Smart Gardening correspondents take you to dozens of locations across the country for gardening stories that will touch your life.  I sincerely hope you’ll find lots of reasons to keep coming back to Smart Gardening week after week!

Thanks for watching and remember to garden with your head, as well as your heart!