Aquaponicss Plants

Aquaponics Plants

The traditional way of farming in the soil remains more or less the same for thousands of years. Some new equipment was added and some innovative technologies occurred but the general idea remains the same. Now days there is a new trend among farmers that want to leave back to the past this old fashioned way of cultivation.

Some farmers already turned to hydroponics, which has big success. Now aquaponics has become a pioneer in farming that shows great potentials. Aquaponics is the way to take all the benefits of hydroponics and grow plants in an absolute organic way, disappearing all the chemical and sterile techniques that are used in hydroponics.

Aquaponics is not only an amazing way of growing plants, can be the next step in growing fish too, because fish has a key role in aquaponics system. Aquaponics provides plants and fish growing inside the same system giving both the ability to take the best out of the same resources. It is a system that multiplies the benefits of the two systems (fish and plants) and at the same time cancels all the negatives.

A closer look to the kinds of aquaponics plants

Big varieties of plants grow really good with this kind of system, herbs, vegetables, ornamental plants, and even fruit growing trees. The most common vegetables do really good in aquaponics. The root vegetables as potatoes, onions e.t.c. require growing beds and not floating rafts system and can give you some headache with their growing.

Vegetables as tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, melons grow nicely. Amazing growth you will get from the leafy greens, as lettuce, cabbage and all the herbs. Beans and peas will not disappoint you too. Climbing Plants as beans and cucumbers are really great because they will have their roots into the grow bed but the rest of the plant will climb over some pole and will take lots of space and light away from the grow bed.

If you have some special kind of plant that you really like but you are not so sure if it will grow good in your aquaponics system or no, you will not lose anything by trying to grow a small amount of it. Even if you will not win the wanted that is growing your favorite one you will win experience that you will need for sure in your system. Do not forget also the seeds you can plant, seeds are cheap to buy, of course you will see your plant takes more time to grow if you decide to use them, but for sure it worth the try.

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