Smart Gardening TV is an aquaponics team in New York, who started working professional back in 2006 inspired by the Smart Gardening TV show. Our belief is that aquaponics system is the best alternative to the traditional gardening so here we are!

We will try to collect and introduce you the best educational materials that will provide you the best start for your very own aquaponics system.

About Us and Aquaponics System

Nowadays it is more significant than ever to start to use cultivating food methods that provide organic and healthy food. Aquaponics, can grow fresh food in large quantities in rather small places, with a way that is friendly to the environment. Aquaponics can by successful in commercial scale too providing the new way of sustainable agriculture.

Smart Gardening TV believes that food production in the aquaponics way, can offer food security and quality all around the world. After many years of research and experience on aquaponics and hydroponic production we can be your best partner that will provide you all the needed information, knowledge and tips you are asking for.

For Smart Gardening TV, aquaponics is not a new trend in farming, or a matter of income. It is our passion and without any exaggeration is a life matter for us .

Our experience of hydroponic and aquaponic technology is a result of our aquaponics properties the last 7 years, as well as our personal efforts for research and evolution. We feel proud that we could help a lot of other people to get familiar with the aquaponic’s idea and to start their own hydroponic or aquaponic projects. We are able to give you all the tips you need to have a successful aquaponics system.

Smart Gardening TV, is really confident that aquaponics farming can be the solution of the world’s food sustainability problem, and can be applied even at places with water problems -since it doesn’t waste any water due to the recirculation of the system- and provide high quality organic food in the most environmental friendly way.